Saw this posted “The Family…..”. SCARY but im not surprised at all…

I feel this is VERY IMPORTANT to Christians and non believers. Last night I saw a man named Jeff Sharlet interviewed on real time with Bill Maher. I know many here loathe Bill, but it’s not about him, it’s about the message that Mr. Sharlet is presenting. Bill only listens and makes minor comedy quips. Please don’t ignore this man just because you dislike Maher. Jeff Sharlet, author of “The Family”, has spent a great deal of time amongst members of this “Christian”(?) group that are referred to as the “New Chosen”. I really hope the gentle, loving Christian people don’t get caught up in this “old testament” thinking group that seems to be growing. I always thought the Westboro Baptist group was dangerous, but their circle of influence is insignificant.

“Morality is for the little people”

After I watched the clip, I read the comments and someone said there is a better, more lengthy interview on Alex Jones with Mr. Sharlet on youtube that I have not seen yet.

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